Appstore Submission API + Live App Testing?

I’m familiar with Amazon’s Appstore Submission API, which is super handy for automating our build pipeline for delivering releases to the Amazon Appstore.

That said, I can’t find any documentation for automating build/APK submission to Live App Testing, which would be even handier than submitting directly to the Appstore.

Do APIs exist for creating new tests and submitting new APKs to Live App Testing?

Hi Ben,

Welcome to the community space, thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a Live App Testing API, but that’s a great idea and I’ll pass it on to our product team for consideration.

Thank you!


We’ve been hopeful in seeing this as well for some time as a large enterprise customer too. We are stuck manually uploading release candidate builds. Do you have a timeline of when we could anticipate seeing this?

Hi Thomas,

I don’t have a timeline unfortunately, but I’ll let the team know about your support for this request!