Are android architecture components supported by Fire OS?

While Port an Existing App to Fire Tablet answers most of the queries to migrate my existing android app to Fire OS but still I have some doubts like if the Android Architecture Components
like Room, Live Data/Flows are supported by Fire OS ?

Hi there,

Thanks for posting! Are you talking about Jetpack libraries: Android Jetpack Dev Resources - Android Developers or similar? If so, when it comes to whether something is supported on Fire OS or not, the general rule of thumb is, if a particular library does not depend on any proprietary Google specific components (e.g. Play Store / Google Mobile Services, etc), then such a library should work on Fire OS as well.

Fire OS is ported from Android Open Source Project, and so if a library you want to use would normally interoperate with AOSP, then most likely it would also work fine on Fire OS. I hope that answers your question. Thanks!

Thanks @Levon. It was really helpful


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