Impossible to /me for some users

We are getting this error message while trying to retrieve information about some users after the login process:
“{"data":null,"errors":[{"code":"AUTH_INVALID_CUSTOMER_ID","message":"Unable to resolve access for customer. Check access_token or device details","payload":{"errMessage":"Unable to resolve access for customer. Check access_token or device details","operation":"AuthenticateProfile","serviceName":"MusicIdentityService"},"status":500}]}”

Any idea?

Sorry for the inconvenience, this should be resolved now.

Hi, thank you for your help. The error has changed to this one as far I can see:

 "{\"data\":{\"user\":null},\"errors\":[{\"code\":\"SERVICE_ERROR\",\"message\":\"Request to MusicProfileService API GetProfile failed\",\"payload\":{\"errMessage\":\"certificate has expired\",\"operation\":\"GetProfile\",\"serviceName\":\"MusicProfileService\"},\"status\":500}],\"extensions\":{}}"

I just tried this and it worked for me. can you provide specifics about your request? does this happen on other endpoints or just on /me?

Yes, it’s happening on all /me endpoints, according to our logs:

  • /me
  • /me/playlists
  • /me/followed/playlists
  • /me/tracks
  • /me/library/albums
  • /me/followed/artists
  • And also got it there ‘/player/recentlyPlayed’

And you can’t reproduce it like that, as it only happens to some users.
We got the “x-amzn-requestid”; can it be useful to you? If yes, this is a recent request “24fff91a-fedb-42ed-a116-7dd31626a4e1”.