Accessing Amazon music data without having to physically login

I am trying to find a way to call the api to get data about my podcast so I can use it to display links to each episode on my website. As of now I am able to make calls to apple, spotify, podbean, and buzzsprout to get links that route a user who would click on them directly to each of my episodes, and not just to the home page of my podcast.

I have been reading through the documentation and can’t find a way to get an Atza| token other than physically logging in using LWA. Is there a way using my client_id, client_secret, and/or security profile id to make a POST call to receive an Atza token? I have been able to POST to the app store to get an Atc| token fine using the scope “appstore::apps:readwrite” and grant_type “client_credentials” but I can’t find anywhere in the music API that lists how you would be able to get a token without physcially logging in with LWA UI.

I hope I am just reading it incorrectly but I wanted to make sure. I’ve tried many different scopes that are suggested on the music API but no luck so far.

Anyone have any suggestions or is it not possible to get that type of token without LWA UI?


Hi Katie,

LWA supports various models to receive an access token, including code-based linking:

But all of these flows require the user to visit the LWA UI and authenticate. There is no way to retrieve an access token without end user confirmation.


Thanks for the response!