Accessing the Amazon Music APIs

Thanks for your interest in accessing the Amazon Music APIs! Currently the offering is limited and developers must adhere to our Program Requirements within the enabled territories listed here.

If you would like to request access to build an Amazon Music integration, fill out the Contact Us form and be sure to select the Music Developers category & Business Opportunity dropdown options along with information about who you are and what product you are building.

From there we will review your request for access to the APIs.

Hey @sam! Just wanted to ask, how much time does it usually take to receive a decision from you? :slight_smile:

Given the Beta state of the APIs we are limiting who we are letting in to avoid support challenges associated with the changes to the APIs. At this point we don’t have an SLA for responding to requests to be added. However, we are maintaining a list of developers who requested access and will reach out as we expand the program.

Thanks for your patience

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