Android Amazon Fling SDK ERROR when targeting SDK 34+

Android Amazon Fling SDK not working when target SDK 34+, Please update the SDK.
Very simple and quick, just need add FLAG when you registerReceiver

Hi Vu_Quang_Ninh,

Thank you for posting! Can you please try to call registerService in ContextCompat and see if it resolves your issue. Thanks!

Hi Levon, The fix the guy is talking about is something the Amazon team has to do. This is code in your library. This is not client code. So the Amazon team has to call registerService the right way.
I remember before it took you years to support API level 30 as far as I remember. Hopefully this time it will be faster although this was reported in March and still not fixed.

Thanks for your response. As Nick_Kichukov said, I can’t do anything about this error. To fix this, I have to recreate each class one by one. Then I can edit and fix this error. This is a provisional solution. I hope the Amazon Developer team will update the library soon.