IAP Sample Apps broken, IAP broken for targetSDK >= 30 and SDK >= 30

I ran into an issue with IAP and the AppStore SDK, where IAP stopped working after updating the targetSDKVersion from 29 to 33.

So I did some debugging - only to find that Amazon’s own sample apps are not working with targetSdkLevel >= 30 as well. Affected are all Android versions with SDK >= 30, so FireOS8 is affected.

I have written an extensive StackOverflow post about this issue. Amazon Devs pls have a look, this might be a major issue.

Said Stackoverflow Post

Hi Joe,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. I have forwarded it to the relevant team, I will share the update once I hear back from the team.

Hi Joe,

Thank you for your patience with this issue. For Apps that targeting android version 30+ devs will need to define the list of packages App needs to query in the manifest.

You will need to add the below lines in the manifest to resolve the issue.

<manifest package="com.example.appname">
<package android:name="com.amazon.sdktestclient" />
<package android:name="com.amazon.venezia" />

We will update the tech doc with this information. Thanks again for bringing this up.

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