Amazon Appstore compatible apps

Hello all. I’m new here.

I have a simple question:

Besides other factors, does the Amazon Appstore (app, not web) display an app as compatible based on it’s target SDK version or it’s minimum SDK version?


The reason I ask is I have an app published on the appstore.

It is displayed in search results on the web version but not on the app version. The only way I get to view it on the app version is through its app link (e.g. amzn://apps/android? wherein it displays as being incompatible with my device (same device on which it was pre-tested).

Checked with another incompatible app and it was also not displayed in search results.

So besides the SDK version (minimum or target isn’t the issue in my case, as I’ve just learnt) and device architecture (which matches, as already pre-tested on device), why else is my app being displayed as incompatible and therefore not visible in search results?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi there,

Thanks for posting. When you submit an Android app to the Amazon Appstore, the attributes in your app manifest and build.gradle files determine what devices your app can be installed on. Incompatibilities between these files and a device’s capabilities will prevent your binary file from being supported on that device.

For more information, please see the document: Device Filtering and Compatibility | App Submission

Much appreciated. Thank you!