Newbie Question:compatible non-Amazon Android devices

Apologies in advance for this newbie developer question: as an Android app developer (publishing to APK/AAB using IntelliJ IDEA or Android Studio) can these apps targeting Android mobile devices, for example, mobile phones w/ recent Android OS, be uploaded to the Amazon Appstore for Android and if the user/purchaser is in the US, UK, other ‘eligible’ country, can they smoothly download, load and run the app on their non-Amazon Android device?

I have searched and all I can find is that for the ‘eligible’ countries, Android devices are separately listed from Amazon devices as “compatible” devices.

If possible, I would like to know if the Amazon Appstore for Android would be an option for me to deploy/sell APK/AAB apps targeting non-Amazon Android devices like a newer Moto mobile phone running latest Android OS?

Thank you for your kind help.

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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for posting and welcome to Amazon Appstore! Yes, you can target non-Amazon Android devices if you are submitting an Android app (currently Web App doesn’t support non-Amazon Android devices). You can choose which device to target during the submission at - Step 2: Target your app:

Please also note when you submit your APK to the Appstore, the attributes in your app manifest determine what devices your app can be installed on. Incompatibilities between your manifest and a device’s capabilities will prevent the APK file from being supported on that device.

Please see our guide to Device Filtering and Compatibility.

Thank you, Emma.

Is there a link to the supported devices’ screen that you shared, so I could see all of the supported non-Amazon mobile phone devices. For example, is a Moto G mobile phone supported?

Thank you again.

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You should be able to see the Supported devices during the app submission page within your developer portal.

Please check out below links which should provide answer to your questions.

-Submitting Apps to the Amazon Appstore | App Submission

-Step 2: Target Your App | App Submission

Thank you very much!

I went through the information that you suggested, and it answered my questions.

Again, thank you.

Best Wishes,

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