Can Android Studio be used to debug Fire TV apps, with breakpoints, etc?

I have androids studio set up and can work on android TV boxes in debug mode, with full access to breakpoints etc.

When I try to connect to a FireTV cube (in developer mode) I see the message “waiting for debugger” on the TV screen but then get:

“processes com.myapp are not found. Aborting session”

in android studio. I can run the app in non-debug mode, and grab logs through adb but i’d like breakpoints/single stepping etc. Is that possible?

Hi Bailey,

Thanks for posting and sorry for the delay. We have contacted appropriate internal team to confirm. We will update you once we hear back from them.

Hi Bailey,

Please check to see whether the debuggable true parameter is present in your app/build.gradle file. Adding it and rebuilding your app to device should resolved the issue:


android {
    buildTypes {
        debug {
            // Check if you have this parameter enabled.
            // Add if missing and rebuild your app. 
            debuggable true

If that’s already there, then disable the USB debugging in the Developer Options and enable it back, hopefully it does the trick.

Otherwise, if you are using other IDEs, for example IntelliJ, they could be interfering with ADB. Try to disable the Android plugin in IntelliJ and see if it solves the issue.

Also, try the following: in Android Studio - Go to file - Invalid Caches… - Click on ‘Invalidate and Restart’