Can I change my app's package name?

A package name is a unique identifier used by the device operating system to validate an app’s identity. This is the key component in the Amazon Appstore’s process for checking for updates, user preferences, and saved data.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your app’s package name after it is submitted to the Amazon Appstore (as a live app or a Live App Test). If try to do so, you will see an error message.

If you would like change your app’s package name, you will need to submit it as a completely new app, and it will no longer be associated with the previous version’s customers, reviews, ratings, or sales data.

We strongly recommend that you do not change your app’s package name, as this is a poor experience for your customers.

Please note that the package name is different than the app title (the app name that is appears in the Appstore and is visible to customers) and you are welcome to change your app’s title if you wish to do so. For information about this, please see our documentation on the Display title.