Devices not supported with FireTV App Builder Template

We downloaded the Fire TV App Builder Template and followed the instructions here

However, when we try to upload the package, we get this error message “Reduced Device Support” error message.

How we update the devices?
Thank you.


Thanks for posting. When you upload your Android binary file on the Upload Your App File screen, on the Target Your App screen, in the Supported devices section, you can click Edit supported devices to see whether your binary file is supported by a particular device. If it isn’t supported, it will be dimmed and unable to be selected. You can move your mouse over the info tooltip and see the reason. Here’s an example:

You will find the reason why the devices are no longer supported using this feature.

For more information, please see the document: Troubleshooting Android Manifest and Device Filtering | App Submission

Thank you for your email. Our question is how can we update the FireTV app builder so it is compatible with the latest FireTV devices. We downloaded the Amazon FireTV template but not seeing where or how we can update the library.

Please let us know as we’ve been asking Amazon support for the past 3 weeks regarding this.