Example of creating a "Series" page that list episodes

I’ve searched this forum, so if this was asked before, I apologize.

I’m currently going through the tutorial in creating my first Fire TV App. I’m following along just fine and I have everything going really well… if it’s just a video. In my feed, I have many series. I was wondering if there was an example of creating a Series landing page that lists the seasons/episodes. I’ve developed many Roku apps, and I use this a lot there.


Hi Michael,

Thanks for posting! What tutorial are you going through? If you are using the Fire App Builder, then please post any questions about it on its dedicated Issues page on GitHub: GitHub - amzn/fire-app-builder: Fire App Builder is a framework for building java media apps for Fire TV, allowing you to add your feed of media content to a configuration file and build an app to browse and play it quickly. – Thanks!

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