How to get developer support for the Amazon Appstore

While developing and submitting apps for the Amazon Appstore, at some point you may hit a snag and need some help. When that happens, here are the best ways to find answers and get developer support:

1. Documentation

The first thing to do is check the documentation. Our docs are the best place to find a solution to your issue. Most likely somebody else has had the same question you have, and if that’s the case, we’ve probably documented an answer to it.

The Amazon Developer Portal has a search bar at the top-middle of every page, and you can also browse the sections on porting your app, submitting your app, and in-app purchasing (IAP) (to name just a few).

2. Community Space

If you can’t find your issue in the docs, the next place to check is the Amazon Appstore community space, where app developers discuss topics and we have our Knowledge Base with over 80 articles.

Just like the Developer Portal, there’s a search bar at the top-center of every page and you’re probably not the first person to see your issue. Check if anyone else has asked a similar question or if there’s a Knowledge Base article.

If you can’t find a related post, go ahead and ask the community!

3. Stack Overflow

Another place to ask your question is Stack Overflow. Look for questions under “amazon-appstore” and be sure to use that tag when you ask your question, so other Amazon Appstore devs will be able to find answers as well.

4. YouTube Channel

You can also check out our YouTube channel, where we post tutorials, tech talks, announcements, and more.

There are nearly 500 videos on there and over 20,000 subscribers, so you’ll find a video on any topic you’re looking for and plenty of other devs to comment and discuss with.

5. Contact Us

Finally, if you still haven’t found the answer to your question, sign into the Developer Console and use the Contact Us form. Our Dev Advocates will look into your issue and get back to you within a couple days.


For any issue that might pop up, we have a bunch of ways for you to find the info and get the support you need:

  1. Check the documentation
  2. Search for/post a topic in the community space
  3. Look for/ask a question on Stack Overflow
  4. Check the Amazon Appstore YouTube channel for related videos
  5. Use the Contact Us form to get in touch with our Dev Advocates

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