Issue IAP v2 Plugin Unity

I have a simple Unity App to test on LAT.
As the document said, the Purchase() suppose to callback PurchaseResponse() but its not.
Here is the code:

 void Initialize()
        iap = AmazonIapV2Impl.Instance;

    #region Event Handle

    private void RegisterEvent()
private void GetPurchaseResponse(PurchaseResponse args)
        Debug.LogWarning("Event purchase response");

        string requestId = args.RequestId;
        string userId = args.AmazonUserData.UserId;
        string marketplace = args.AmazonUserData.Marketplace;
        string receiptId = args.PurchaseReceipt.ReceiptId;
        long cancelDate = args.PurchaseReceipt.CancelDate;
        long purchaseDate = args.PurchaseReceipt.PurchaseDate;
        string sku = args.PurchaseReceipt.Sku;
        string productType = args.PurchaseReceipt.ProductType;
        string status = args.Status;

        Debug.Log("Request ID: " + requestId);
        Debug.Log("User ID: " + userId);
        Debug.Log("Marketplace: " + marketplace);
        Debug.Log("Receipt ID: " + receiptId);
        Debug.Log("Cancel Date: " + cancelDate);
        Debug.Log("Purchase Date: " + purchaseDate);
        Debug.Log("SKU: " + sku);
        Debug.Log("Product Type: " + productType);
        Debug.Log("Status: " + status);


        if (args.Status == "FULFILLED")
            Debug.Log("Purchase successful");
            Debug.Log("Purchase failed");
public void PurchaseProduct(string productId)
        // Bắt đầu một yêu cầu mua hàng, trả về một RequestId

        SkuInput sku = new SkuInput();
        sku.Sku = productId;
        RequestOutput request = iap.Purchase(sku);

        string requestId = request.RequestId;
        Debug.Log("Purchase Request: " + requestId);

Hi Pan,

Thanks for posting. We have messaged the appropriate team for further investigation into your inquiry. We will update you once we have more information.

Hi Pan,

Can you please raise a Contact Us case and share us the device log? Please also refer to this post so we can link it together. Thanks!