Playlist Tracks pagination issue

Since a couple of days, we are having pagination issue while trying to retrieve playlist tracklist. The first page is good but then the pageInfo “Token” is not right (to be set as a “cursor”, see an example here:[“”,{“playlistId”:[“”,{“id”:“e1f7187a-1b5d-46ea-b59f-4af3cd2a1118”}],“playlistVersion”:[“”,{“version”:“266”}],“nextResultsToken”:“100”,“durationInSeconds”:1506373}]&limit=100

Do you see the “cursor” value here? It’s not a good one, not well formated and so it failed.
Any update to fix that to get the previous behavior and the expected one @sam ?

Thank you!

Hi @sam;
Still no update on this pagination issue? It’s a big problem to our users…
Thank you.

Hi Thomas,
Sorry we did have some issues with pagination on this API that should be fixed now.

That said, your example above dosent look quite right, the token is typically a single string of characters as opposed the the json content I see in the example you included.

Something like


Hi, thank you for the update and finally made a fix.

And yes, that is the point of my example, showing you that using this “bad” cursor value you have returned is, of course, failing the pagination process.