Staged rollout for <10k installs?

Hi there! First time poster but long time developer.

We make a fairly successful Fire TV app in the digital signage space. Because of the importance of the app to our customers, we like to be very careful with releases, so staged rollout would be a great feature.

The trouble is, we have ~100s of installs, which is great in our world, but falls short of the staged rollout criteria of 10k installs, so we cannot use the feature.

Is it possible for Amazon to grant us access to this feature? I’d love to hear from Amazon, or anyone who has tried such a request. It feels like it could be an arbitrary/artificial limitation that could be relaxed, especially in a niche case like ours.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for posting! Can you please create a contact-us case? We will need your account specific information to check with the internal teams.

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Done, the case number is 14897118331.

If you don’t mind, I’ll report back here in a few days based on whether we’ve had any success—for benefit of anyone else who may be interested in this topic/feature.

Update for anyone following along: We received an initial auto-response, and have heard nothing back in the time since. We conclude that staged rollout does not seem actively supported for smaller install bases, which is quite disappointing.