What are the minimum payment amounts?

Prior to Amazon issuing a payment for a marketplace, the payment must meet the applicable threshold based on your payment type and the currency of that marketplace:

  • Direct Deposit*: $0 USD, €0 EUR, £0 GBP, ¥0 JPY, $0 CAD, or $R20 BRL
  • Wire: $100 USD, €100 EUR, £100 GBP, ¥10,000 JPY, or $100 CAD
  • Check: $100 USD, €100 EUR, £100 GBP, or $100 CAD

For sales on the Brazil marketplaces, the threshold for international Direct Deposit payments is based on a $100 USD equivalent for all developers outside of Brazil.

The minimum payment thresholds are applied to your payment balance rather than your gross revenue. Your payment balance is calculated after taking into account Revenue Sharing and, if applicable, US/CA Tax Withholding. The minimum threshold is per marketplace and not a combined amount from multiple marketplaces.

Unfortunately, we are unable to adjust the minimum payment thresholds for payments. However, we can place your payments on manual hold until further notice from you. This allows for your payment balance to grow to your desired amount. You can request that your payments be placed on hold with the Contact Us form.


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