Important, why I'm not getting paid?

Hi, I hope you’re all doing well.

On February 15th, I updated my payment information with the necessary details as follows:

Payment Method: Electronic Payment
Account Type: Checking
Account Number: My bank account RIB (24 digits)

After filling in all the payment information, I received a confirmation email from Amazon Developer stating that my bank account information has been updated.

From what I understand and have read in Amazon Payment documents, the minimum payment threshold is $0 when the payment method is Electronic Payment, which is the case for me, but I didn’t get paid in the 29th Mars :

Thank you.

Hi Mouad,

Thanks for posting. Depending on your bank’s location, you may be eligible for direct deposit (EFT), wire payments or check payment. For banks located in Morocco, the supported payment methods are Wire Payment and Check payment.

We see you chose wire payment, please note prior to Amazon issuing a payment for a marketplace, the payment must meet the applicable threshold based on your payment type and the currency of that marketplace:

Wire: $100 USD, €100 EUR, £100 GBP, ¥10,000 JPY, or $100 CAD
Check: $100 USD, €100 EUR, £100 GBP, or $100 CAD
Direct Deposit (EFT): $0 USD, €0 EUR, £0 GBP, ¥0 JPY, $0 CAD, or $R20 BRL

*For sales on the Brazil marketplaces, the threshold for international Direct Deposit payments is based on a $100 USD equivalent for all developers outside of Brazil.

Provided your balance due exceeds the payment threshold, we will remit payment approximately 30 days after the end of the calendar month in which the sale of a mobile app occurred. For example, we would remit payment for sales of mobile apps that occurred in April at the end of May , which is approximately 30 days after the end of April.

Is selecting Electronic Payment means Wire ?

Electronic Payment can be either Wire payment or EFT payment depends on your bank’s location. For banks located in Morocco, we only support Wire payment method if you choose to use Electronic Payment.

Understood, thank you so much for your help

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