What scopes are needed to access user music data?

I am trying to access a user’s playlists with what I assume is a correct access token(reloaded each time so it is not timing out) and api key but I am still getting a 401, authentication error. I think this is due to my only scope in the authorization process being ‘profile’ but I could not find any other amazon music scopes in the documentation. (other than amazon_music:access for devices but not web apis) Are there other scopes that I need to include in my scope variable to access a user’s playlists or anything else I may be doing wrong?
Thank you

I am using code similar to this code(Javascript):

url = ‘https://api.music.amazon.dev/v1/me/playlists
options = {
method: ‘GET’,
headers: {
‘x-api-key’: ‘amzn1.application.xxxx’,
‘Authorization’: ‘Bearer Atza|xxxx’
response = await fetch(url, options);

Is you LWA application id safelisted for API access? If not, please submit your request here

I do not think that it was safe listed, I have just submitted a request now