Why did my testers not receive a Live App Testing (LAT) invitation email?

The most common reason app testers did not receive a Live App Test (LAT) invitation email is because their Amazon email preferences are preventing the emails from being sent.

Invitations for your LAT can only be sent when your tester’s email address is included in the marketing communications from Amazon. The app tester has to perform steps on their side to start receiving these invitations:

  1. Log into the Amazon Communication Preferences Center with the same email address invited for the LAT
  2. Locate the Promotional Emails section and click the down arrow on that section to expand and select the Amazon Appstore checkbox
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings page and click Update

Developers need to ensure the tester’s email address is included on the Testers pool in the LAT portal and assigned to the active testers list. To resend invitations, click “Resend Invite” on the Manage Testers page.

Your tester needs to opt-in to the marketplace (e.g. amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, etc) that they login to with the email address that was added to the Testers pool. If they use the same email address to login to several Amazon marketplaces, then opt-in at each of those marketplaces.

As a workaround, your tester can use another email address (even if it’s not tied to an Amazon account), and they should still receive an invitation. In the invitation email, there is a URL link that they will need to follow to a specific Amazon marketplace. After clicking that URL they will need to login to their Amazon account (even if they use a different email address to login to Amazon).