"Your login can only be used on the Amazon Shopping app"

When signing-in an user via our app with LWA, the user is redirected to a page that states:

Your login can only be used on the Amazon Shopping app, or by logging to Amazon.com online
You can start shopping on Amazon.con or by download the Amazon Shopping app.

It works for other users.

Could you advise?

Hi Gawen,
let’s make sure, you are using the correct application ID and LWA scopes during code creation.

Could you share those details with us via a direct message?


Hello @marco.

I cannot send your PM apparently.

Our Client ID is likely correct as we’ve onboarded a few thousand users.

An user sent us the link they felt on: https://www.amazon.com/cr/teenauthlanding?authenticationContext=language%3Den_US%26marketplaceId%3DATVPDKIKX0DER%26assocHandle%3Damzn_lwa_na%26pageId%3Dlwa%26returnTo%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fna.account.amazon.com%252Fap%252Foa%253FmarketPlaceId%253DATVPDKIKX0DER%2526arb%253Dc37c4dc3-c4c1-4b31-8fa8-6f8f9362de88%2526language%253Den_US

Looks like it may be a restricted teen account. Can they use this account to log into the Amazon Music web player at music.amazon.com or the native Amazon Music App?

Hello! We asked them, the ones who answered say they can use their the native Amazon Music App with their account. Here are their complete answers, if that helps.

Hello, I can actually log into my account through the web player and the app. Things that may be associated with the issue is that I signed up with my phone number as oppose to an email, and I am connected through a family plan which make the issue somewhat different for me. I’m not sure if those have anything to do with this but I thought it could help.

User born in 2007,

my amazon music account isn’t a teen account and yes [I can sign-in]