About minimum SDK version and code version number

I got this error when uploading a new version of the app to post to the Appstore


  1. Does this mean that in the new version of the application it is no longer possible to install a lower minimum SDK level, even though the application version is higher?

  2. Why did the application version code become 1005, even though I had version: 2.0.0+5 (where 5 refers to the code version - build version)? Last time I just set it to 4, and the uploaded file showed it that way - i.e. 4.

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the question, welcome to the Amazon Appstore community space!

Are you submitting multiple APKs for the same app? If so, check out our Knowledge Base article on this topic:

Let us know if that resolves the issue or not.



Indeed, I uploaded the new apk but did not delete the old one.

However, I haven’t found an explanation of how the versionCode value got that way, and although it’s not important, there is a reason.

Hi Andy,

It sounds like maybe you don’t have a multi-APK app? This can happen when you add the new APK as a second APK instead of replacing the old APK. Make sure you click “Replace APK” on the old APK file instead of clicking “Add new APK”.


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