All supported devices are grayed out

I increased the minimum SDK from API 19 to API 21, so I added the new package, hoping the old package supporting API 19 would remain. However, the supported devices are grayed out for the new package, so the new package does not support any devices.
Could anyone offer a tip about how to address this?


Thank you for posting your comment in the forum.

In regards to your inquiry related to supported devices being grayed out, please check out below links which may help you resolve the situation.


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Thank you for the pointers. I did not get any notification for the reply despite watching it.
I resolved it after reading the referenced document. I missed the following in the document:
"Multiple binaries cannot support the same device. You must edit the device support for one binary file so that you can select support for the device with the other binary. "
I think the right way to do it is the following:

  1. Upload the new package with a higher minSdkVersion.
  2. Unselect all the devices for the older package.
  3. Select all available devices for the new package.
  4. Go back to the older package and select those devices that are still available for it.

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