Clone developer

We are the original developer of the app in Google Play and Apple Store. But when we uploaded it to Amazon AppStore, we discovered that another developer had cloned our entire application, and was approved for release. What should we do?

Hi Nadine,

Did you see an infringing app on the Amazon Appstore? Or did you receive a message that your package name is already in use when you tried to upload your app?

If you received an error message about the package name, it may be because someone else from your company uploaded a test version of the app on another account. Use the Contact Us form so our team of Developer Advocates can investigate.

If you saw an infringing app live on the Appstore, you can use the Contact Us form too but also use Amazon’s Report Infringement Form.

Be sure to include a link to the infringing app, links to your app on Apple and Google, and documentation proving your ownership.



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