Confirmed: Prevent Sleep for Video Playback is broken in web apps

We’ve spent most of the day confirming that “Prevent Sleep for Video Playback” is broken for Fire TV. Regardless of whether or not “Prevent Sleep for Video Playback” is configured in the web app (during app store submission and under “Web App Features” as defined here: Step 1: Upload Your App File | App Submission after 5 minutes of no user input, regardless of whether or not an HTML Video is in current, active playback, the screensaver will take over per the user’s settings.

At this time, all web-based music apps on the firetv app store are dysfunctional and will only work if the user sets their device’s screensaver delay to “Never”

The previous hack for getting music apps to Prevent Sleep was to periodically play a video. Now, this video, even playing in the foreground, will NOT prevent sleep.

Please advise and/or update your documentation.


Thanks for posting. We have shared your feedback with the appropriate internal team to review. We will let you know once we have an update.