DRM Requirements for Amazon Music

From time to time Amazon Music updates the Amazon Music Program Requirements that form part of your Amazon Music Program Agreement. Consistent with updated requirements from our content providers, we are notifying you that we updated our Amazon Music Program Requirements to include an additional requirement that all content streamed from Amazon Music on your products must be protected using Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Currently Amazon Music requires that ALL content streamed from Amazon Music on products, Lossless as well as lossy (Standard Definition, SD) content.

  • Starting today, DRM is required for new devices to be certified and enabled to play Amazon Music content.
  • Over the Air Updates (OTA) to add DRM support for existing launched devices are required by August 31, 2023. If you have concerns that your existing devices are not able to support DRM, please contact your Amazon representative.

Please let us know any questions or concerns you have and how we can support.

Check out our documentation for more information: