Fire TV Live App Tester getting Purchase Failure

I’ve released a Live App Test for Fire TV. I was able to install the test app on my own FireTV stick, however one of my testers is getting “Purchase Failure - An Error occurred when purchasing (app name) - please try again”. Why would he be getting that error?

He is using an old (1st gen) Fire TV stick, but my app is built for all versions of Fire TV and should work.

Hi @tsornin ,

It sounds like there may be an issue with the way your tester is accepting the invitation.

Make sure they are following all the steps in the App Tester documentation:


He said it was from the notification on the device.

Update: we got it figured out - had to click on the email from the desktop side to agree to the testing, then it installed ok.


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Great! Very happy to hear you figured it out.