Get Current User's Followed Artists results in false positive with artistIds query parameter

When requesting a list of artists that the current user is already following, the response includes a “followedArtists” array that includes artists that are not followed by that user when the artistId parameter is included in the request. This is confusing and counter-intuitive because it returns artists that are not followed.

According to the documentation (Web API Artists V1.0 | Amazon Music Web API), the artistId parameter is meant to limit results to a set of provided IDs. If the user is not following an artist in that ID list, they should not be included in the followedArtists response.

We did notice a followState field on the response which we can use to parse the information correctly, but this field isn’t documented. Could you please consider updating the response to filter out artists that aren’t followed or update the documentation?

Thank you for reporting this. Amazon Music Engineering team is investigating.