How can I force users to upgrade to the latest version of our App?

We must get all users our our latest. If there is no forcing function do you have any creative way to accomplish this?

Hi there,

Thanks for posting! Unfortunately, we do not support force update feature. However, you can nudge your customers in-app to update to the latest version.

To in-app prompt for updates, use AppDialog to let your customers know about the new version of your app and include an ‘Update’ button to deep link directly to your app detail page in the Appstore.

The following code shows how you deep link to the app detail page within Fire OS:

// Deep link to the app detail page on Fire OS 
Uri uri = Uri.parse("amzn://apps/android?asin=YOUR_APP_ASIN&intent=app_update"); 
Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, uri); 

Remember to complete your staged rollout to 100% before prompting customers about your update. For the majority of customers, an update will be applied in the background without any need for customer intervention. You should only leverage this mechanism with customers that continue to remain on an older version of your app after several weeks. Keep in mind customers should be able to dismiss your update prompt.

To implement on-device deep-linking, review our technical documentation.

Note: To test the update flow, you will need to install and test the app through Live App Testing (LAT).

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