Cant see the details of the lastest version


After clicking the latest version, there is no response and no jump to the details interface.

This may caused by delays when creating this new app, because after creating new app, there showed two new apps with the same name and one of them has this problem.

Our app name must be unique, so I have to change this name, which means I must go to the page of the lastest version.

If you know what happened and how to fix it, please tell me. THX.

Hi liuxia,

Are you still seeing the issue? If so, please let us know which app is having the issue.

Hi Emma,

this is the link, maybe it could provide some info.
And below is the title and project info, two projects was auto created and one of them has the problem

Thank you.

Thanks for providing further information. The internal team is now checking on the issue, we will let you know once we receive an update.

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Hi liuxia,

There were some temporary system glitches that caused this issue. Could you please create a new submission for this app? Upon your confirmation, we can help remove this app from the app list UI.

Hi Emma,

Please help remove the problematic submission, thank you. A new submission for this application has been created and is being tested and used.

P.S. This is the link to the wrong submisson:

Hi liuxia,

We have removed the app in question from the app list. Please let us know if you see any further issues.