How do I save an album using an ASIN that is different from the user's country?

I would like to use the API to add an album to the current user’s library.

Will albums from the current user’s subscribed country be added to the library even if the ASIN is from a different country than the current user?

For example, if a user subscribes to Amazon Music Unlimited in Japan and saves an album with an album ASIN of B0B3DRGH21 in the UK, will it be saved with an ASIN of B0B3F7PTDY in Japan?

@sukezane thanks for your detailed question
if any JP user saves an album with an album ASIN of B0B3DRGH21, it will be saved with JP’s ASIN B0B3F7PTDY

Thank you for your reply.
My question has been cleared up.

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