How do I see what has been paid in VAT?

VAT is calculated on a per marketplace basis, meaning that the VAT collected from German customers might be different from the VAT collected from French customers. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have a convenient tool to track the current VAT rates per marketplace. However, you can use your Sales Reports to calculate the VAT that was paid, per unit sold, when Amazon calculated your Gross Revenue.

  1. Look at the total revenue for an app that is not free.
  2. Take your total revenue and divide it by the units sold.
  3. Take your list price and subtract it from the number you found in step 2.
  4. This is the amount of money that was paid for VAT.


In one month, App X had 2,540 EUR in Gross Revenue through 1000 units sold. Take 2,540 (Gross Revenue) and divide it by 1,000 (units sold) for a total of 2.54 EUR in revenue per unit. If App X has a list price of 2.99 EUR, then the difference between the List Price and the revenue per unit is 0.45 EUR. Therefore you have determined that 0.45 EUR is paid in VAT for every unit sold.

Using Sales Report, here is another example how to calculate VAT per unit:

  1. Take Sales Price (Column R) of unit sold. For example, App X was sold for 873 JPY.
  2. Take your list price which is 960 JPY and subtract 873 JPY which will give 87 JPY.
  3. 87 JPY is the amount of money that was paid for VAT.


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