How does the display in search depend on the country of distribution?

I distribute my app in countries A, B, C, but I live and am registered in country D.
Will my app show up in the search results when I search under my login?

Hi Andy,

If you’re searching for your app on a Fire device registered to a location where your app is not available, it should not appear in search results.

If you’d like to confirm the availability of your app, I recommend searching on the Amazon website for the country where your app is available. For example, if you are located in the US, but distributing your app in the UK, you could search for it on


Hey, Moses,
Well, the app is designed for Android… Fire device is not the cornerstone.
Secondly, people can search the site, so it seems to be a location related issue.

Thanks for the clarification.

It will be the same situation if a customer is searching for the app on the Amazon Appstore for Android. They should not be able to see it if their device is registered to a location where it is unavailable.


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