Incorrect resolution for small icon

I am attempting to submit my app for publishing in the Amazon App Store, but have run into some difficulty submitting my image assets. Very confused, I have build an icon graphic in PNG format that is 144x144 px, but when I attempt to upload it, it says its the incorrect resolution for a small icon. The small icon upload box says it needs an asset that is 144X144 with transparency. My logo is 144X144 on a transparent background. Help!

Hi Gaalen_Engen,

Thanks for posting! Can you please contact-us and attach the image you tried to upload to the case? Please also provide a time stamp (including time zone and date) of your latest attempt. We will need this information to check the log. Thank you!

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I have the same issue, it’s 144 x 144 PNG with transparency, but it doesn’t accept the icon

Hi Gaalen Engen and Andrew,

The resolution requirement for small icon is 114 x 114px not 144X144px, can you please submit an icon with 114 x 114px?

For more information please see the document here.

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