Wrong icons mapping in Fire TV web apps

For Java based Fire TV apps, the ic_launcher.png is used to represent the app within the Applications section of the Fire TV UI (Settings → Manage Installed Applications).

Both versions of this icon need to be 114x114 and 512x512, which matches the square (1:1) aspect ratio of the app icons on that section of the UI.

Example: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

For web based apps, there is no ic_launcher.png reference in the app itself, and these versions of the app icon are loaded during the submission process at the “Tablet assets” section of the “Appstore details” category.

However, Fire TV devices then display the wrong app icon within the Applications section. Instead of using the square (1:1) aspect ratio icons, they display the 16:9 (1280x720) version which is also loaded during the submission process at the “Fire TV Assets” section instead.

The above can be easily verified and reproduced as follows:

  1. Search for any currently published web app for Fire TV in the web version of the Appstore. Web apps can be identified because the “Product description” includes the following statement:
    “This app requires an Internet connection and the developer can change the content of the app at any time.”

  2. Verify that the icon displayed inside the Appstore has the correct 1:1 aspect ratio. Install the app on any Fire TV device.

  3. From the Fire TV device’s UI, go to Settings → Manage Installed Applications, and look for the app that was installed. The logo displayed at the left side of the app title will be stretched/distorted, since the system will attempt to display the 16:9 version inside a square 1:1 canvas.

We believe Fire TV UI should attempt to load the 114x114 or 512x512 versions of the app icon provided during the submission process instead of the 1280x720 version to fix this.

Hi there,

Thanks for posting. The requirement for Fire TV icon size is 1280 x 720px while for Fire Tablet Small icon size is 114 x 114px and Large icon size is 512 x 512px. Please see the document here for more information.


Yes, we’re aware of the requirements specs.

Still, even when complying with the requirements, if you load any web app on Fire TV, the “Manage Installed Applications” sections of the UI displays the wrong icon, resulting in a clearly distorted image.

This can be easily reproduced by following the steps outlined in more detail in our previous post.

It’s not a serious issue since it doesn’t affect functionality, but it’s still a bug and we though it could be useful to report it.


Thanks for taking the time to send us your feedback! I could reproduce the issue you mentioned.

I have shared your feedback with the appropriate internal team for consideration.