Possible to update / edit / delete Developer Profiles?


Is there a way to manage (i.e. edit / update / delete) the different developer profiles which may be associated with a single Amazon developer account?

The additional developer profiles creation process is described in the following link:

( Create multiple profiles under the same account)

For instance, how could a profile created that way which is no longer in use be deleted (removed) from the web console, without deleting the account it’s associated with?

The only option to manage profiles from the web console seems to be the “Change User” drop-down at the top right corner, as also described in the mentioned article, but it doesn’t allow editing or updating the profiles.

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When you have multiple developer accounts/profile under same Amazon user account and you want to delete one of those developer account/profile, you can do so by submitting developer account closure request from the developer accounts/profile you are logged on.

For example, if you have two developer accounts/profile A and B, and you would like to close B, you need to switch to developer account/profile B (drop-down at the top right corner) and then click “Setting” tab > “My Account” > click “Close account”.

You should then be able to close developer account/profile B and keep the A.

For more information on account closure, please check out below link.


Thank you very much for your reply!

Are you sure this wouldn’t actually close the main account and all associated profiles?

Suppose we have one single developer account (dev at domain), and 3 additional developer profiles (A, B, C), all associated with the same developer account.

In this case, and as far as we understand, A, B and C are not real standalone “developer accounts”, even if they can have their own company details, since they all share the same “root” developer account (dev at domain) as the login reference.

When we switch into one of the profiles, let’s say B, and click on “Close account” from Settings → My Account, nothing seems to confirm that we are requesting closure of profile B specifically, instead of the entire developer account (dev at domain).

The wording on the console message also references the closure of an “account” and not a “profile”.

Considering the potential risk of accidentally closing the entire developer account instead of one particular developer profile, would it be possible for you to confirm that clicking on “Close account” would only close the currently focused/selected developer profile and not the entire account?

I apologize for asking again, we simply want to minimize any potential risks of closing the entire account.

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In regards to your follow up question, we assured you that it would only close Profile B when you switch to Profile B and submit request to terminate the account.

Thus, you should not worry about closing other (in this scenarios, A and C will remain open) developer profile.

Hope this helps.

Thank you! We sincerely appreciate your feedback and dedication to answer our inquiry.