How do I transfer my developer account to a new owner?

The account owner is the only user on your Amazon Developer account that cannot be removed by another account administrator. Every Amazon Developer account will have a single account owner in the User Permissions list. By default, this is the user that created the account.

If you would like to transfer your developer account to a new owner, you will first need to add them as an administrator. To add a new administrator account, log in to an existing administrator account and go to “Settings” > “User Permissions” > “Add New” and add the new user as an “Administrator”. They will receive an email invitation that they will need to accept.

Once you have confirmed the new owner account has been added, the current account owner can use the Contact Us form to request the transfer.

For more information, please see our guide to Add users to your organization’s developer account:

Added appstore-account, developer-account

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