How do I close my developer account?

Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with developers and we would love to hear your feedback on what we can do to improve your Amazon Appstore developer experience. Please note that we do not charge a fee to have an account.

If you are the account owner, use the following steps to close your account.

  1. Sign in to the Developer Console.
  2. Go to the My Account screen by selecting Settings from the navigation banner.
  3. Click Close account.
  4. On confirmation dialog, click Proceed.
  5. Select a reason for closing your account and click Submit.

Next steps & considerations:

  • Important: You must be the account owner to close an account.
  • These instructions apply for Appstore developers only. If you are an Alexa developer and want to close your account, please contact Alexa developer support.
  • Once you close the account, you will be logged out.
  • All additional user profiles linked to your account (under Settings > User Permissions) will be notified of the account closure via email.
  • Your request to end the agreement with Amazon Developer Program will be final.
  • All sales of your applications within Amazon Apps will be suspended.

For more information, please see our guide about how to Close your account: