How do I remove an app from the Amazon Appstore?

For historical record and tracking purposes, we cannot delete/remove apps from the Developer Portal, we can only assist in placing “Live” apps into “Suppressed” status. Once an app is suppressed, it will no longer be available for sale, but users who have already purchased it will continue to have access to it.

An administrator of your account can self-suppress an Android app with the following steps:

  1. Using an account with administrator privileges, go to the app’s listing in the Developer Console and open the App status screen for the current version of your app.
  2. On the top right, click Remove from Appstore. A pop-up window will ask the reason for suppression.
  3. On the Reason for Suppression window, select one of the options for why you want to suppress your app. If you choose “Other”, you are also required to provide additional comments in the Comments box.
  4. Click Submit to submit the request for submission.
  5. Follow the prompts and click through to confirm that you want to suppress the app.

If you have a web app, you will need to use the Contact Us form to request your app be suppressed. Please provide the app title and app ID.

Users who have already downloaded your app will be able to continue to use these apps on their devices, even after the apps have been suppressed from the Amazon Appstore. They will be able to download the version they have downloaded previously onto their device(s). This applies to both free and paid apps.

While the product page for a suppressed app remains live so that customers who have purchased the app may continue to have access to the product information as part of their order history, suppressed apps are not searchable, discoverable, or available for purchase by new customers.