Why am I not receiving developer communication emails?

Amazon sends email to only the address associated with the account owner when corresponding with you about your app’s status. When you set up a new Amazon developer account, you are the default account administrator and the designated owner for the account. You can add other people in other roles to the account, such as analyst, developer, or marketer. You can also add other administrators.

Although any developer or administrator can submit an app, Amazon sends correspondence to only the email address associated with the account owner. That means Amazon does not send messages to the email account associated with the person who submitted the app, unless it’s the same as the account owner’s email. To confirm the account owner email address, anyone with administrative permissions can go to Settings > User Permissions and review the Roles column. The account owner is indicated as “Administrator (owner)”.

If you’ve confirmed you’re the owner and you’re still not receiving email from us, check your spam filter to see if the email is ending up there. You can also check the Amazon Communication Preferences Center to confirm you haven’t opted out of email.

For more information, please see our documentation on Receiving communications: