Track Meta Data and Playback Events

I’d like to sync waveforms or animations/colors based on the music beats, and stop that in my application when a user stops the music in prime music, that means I would like to sync music with my application

Amazon Music Web API schema doesn’t have any metadata information e.g. beats, bars, etc.

Is there any way to get Track’s metadata information that can be further used to draw the waves or animations? sync with the music beats.

Also, how should I know if a user changes music, plays, or pauses a track, Is there any Web Socket Kind of support in Web APIs?

Lastly Not seeing any SDK for Amazon Music for Android and iOS, Is there any that can be used instead of web APIs?

See 2.h in our Program requirements, Currently syncing Amazon music content with visuals, videos or other content is against out terms.

Also, we dont currently have an SDK for Mobile devices.