TVOD support in Amzon IAP

I have to integrate Amazon IAP for fire tv application. My question is that amazon IAP support for TVOD. In my application, there are many video which contain different price. So can I pop up that price for payment to user for particular video. This price will be dynamically means comes from api with video information.

As I read docs for IAP, first we have to configure pricing on amazon store then after download Json file we have to implement it in to our app. But in this condition if we want to change price of any video we have to publish new build.

Can amazon IAP support dynamic price handle or first we have to change it on store IAP configuration then after download file and used it in app after that published new build.

Please help me to understand, is it possible or not and if possible what will be process.

Hi there,

Thanks for posting! As you correctly observed, at the moment there is no mechanism to dynamically change the prices of your videos from API. Instead, you will need to login to your Developer Portal account, select your app, go into the IAP section and modify prices of individual IAP items there. Once you change IAP prices, your app should be able to reflect the new / changed prices within its UI. Thanks!

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