Why are my sales reports lower than my third-party reports?

The Developer Console Reporting Tool is designed to provide ongoing sales data for active applications and games. Sales reports are available to relevant roles in the Developer Console and can be found under the Reporting tab. Sales reports are provided for your convenience only and are not binding. Reports may not reflect refunds, adjustments, or taxes that may affect your actual royalty payments.

The following factors could result in discrepancies between the installations you track and your Developer Console Sales Report:

  • Customer refunds are not accounted for in sales reporting, but do show up in earnings reports
  • Fraud checks may result in the revocation of an app, which would not show up in sales figures, despite the app having been initially installed
  • Customers are allowed to uninstall then re-install apps at any time, which may inflate the number of installation
  • Customers may have multiple devices registered to a single account, so in some instances customers may install the app on more than one device.
  • Amazon tests third-party applications, and these tests will not show up in sales

For further information please see our guide to Sales Reports: