How do I get paid electronically in Hong Kong?

EFT payments are supported for bank accounts in Hong Kong.

If you receive the error message Invalid characters found in the bank routing number, it is likely that you are trying to enter the SWIFT Code for your bank. SWIFT Codes will not work in this field as it is not the same as the Bank/Institution Number. The Bank/Institution Number format for Hong Kong is a 6 digit number (Bank Code/Clearing Code + Branch Code) with no letters or spaces. Please also make sure not to include Branch Code in the “Account number” area. If you are not sure of your Bank/Institution number, please contact your bank to get this information as well as to confirm they support EFT Payments.

Wire Transfers are not supported to Hong Kong banks. EFT payments and Wire Transfers are not the same thing and you will only be able to receive your payments electronically if your bank accepts EFT payments. If you are unsure, please contact your bank to verify they support payments via EFT.


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