Internal Error 500 when logging in to developer account

Hi all, I think my developer account has been disabled or has an issue.
I am able to pass initial authentication, provide MFA but then i get an internal server error 500 on every page, including the support contact us and developer console page.
With no other way to get support, i have no clue how i’m supposed to resolve this.

I’m based in the UK, i have a amazon UK account that works perfectly under the same email address.

Hi Nigel,

Thanks for posting. If you are referring to the developer account associated with the same email address as your forum account, we see that the account status is normal. Could you please try switching to another user, if applicable, by clicking your initials in the upper-right corner and selecting another account? This issue may be due to your account having been removed from the user list of an account to which you were added as a user.

For more information about how to switching between accounts, please see the document: Manage Your Amazon Developer Account and Permissions | App Submission

Once I enter my credentials and 2FA all pages give me:

I get the same error with the link you posted.

There is nothing i can click, i’m using the same email address between my amazon shopping, dev and discourse account

Thanks for providing further information. We have messaged the appropriate team for further investigation and will let you know once we receive an update.

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Thank you so much, I appreciate your help

Please try to log in to your account again and let us know if you continue to experience any issues.

Unfortunately im still getting the same error

Could you please try logging out of the account and then logging in again using the email address associated with your forum account?