Where can I get my certificate hashes?

When an application is submitted to Amazon it is wrapped with additional code that enables the app to communicate with the Amazon Appstore client to collect analytics, evaluate and enforce our program policies, share aggregated information with you and others regarding the program, and for other purposes.

Amazon also removes the signature you used to sign your app and re-signs it with an Amazon signature that is unique to you, does not change, and is the same for all apps in your account.

Amazon signature hashes for your account can be found by creating a new Android application submission from the Developer Console. On the Step 1: Upload your App File page, your Amazon Developer account’s MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 can be found by clicking on the “Appstore Certificate Hashes” link in the “App File(s)” section.

For further information, please see our guides to Appstore certificate hashes and Amazon app signatures: