Why am I receiving a notification to retake the tax interview?

In order to monetize on the Amazon Appstore, it’s required that developers have accurate tax information on file. The tax information interview is valid the year signed plus 3 additional calendar years.

The notification to retake the tax interview is sent to remind you to renew your tax identity information prior to expiration deadlines.

Tax Identity Details Purpose Renewal frequency
Royalty Tax Interview For monetizing digital goods with Amazon Every 3 years
Canada Tax Interview For monetizing on the Amazon.ca marketplace Every 3 years

To complete the tax interviews:

  1. Sign into developer.amazon.com/apps as an administrator of the apps published in the Amazon Appstore
  2. From the top navigation menu, select “Settings” and open the “Tax Identity” page
  3. Review the status for each interview and fill out any interviews that indicate “Incomplete” or if updates are required.


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