How can I work around the app being forced to stop after the RECORD_AUDIO permission is removed on the Fire tablet?

Since the beginning of June 2024, we have been very troubled by the following problem on over 100 Fire tablets that we are aware of. If anyone knows how to work around this glitch event, please let us know.

・The app with RECORD_AUDIO permission stops unexpectedly and suddenly.
・This event occurs whether the app is in the foreground, background, or stopped.
・When this event occurs, the RECORD_AUDIO privilege granted to the app is lost.
If the app is restarted in this state, it will ask for permission to access the microphone again.
・These events began to occur frequently in June 2024, and at this time, they occur at least once a day.
・The loss of RECORD_AUDIO permission occurs whether the affected app is running or stopped.
(However, the camera app that comes standard with the Fire tablet is not deleted.)
・This event occurs in any version of Fire OS to
・This event has been confirmed to occur on the Fire7, FireHD8, and FireHD8Plus released in 2022.
・The Microsoft Skype app is included in the list of apps that have been confirmed to experience this issue.
Other voice recorder apps also reproduce the issue.
・The following logs are recorded when a bug report is obtained using the developer tools immediately after the bug occurs.

ActivityManager: Killing 3955:jp.c3connector.careconnector/u0a271 (adj 0): permissions revoked

・This event will reproduce itself almost 24 hours after the last time the Fire tablet was started.
Therefore, if the tablet is repeatedly restarted before 24 hours have elapsed, the event will not be reproduced.
・This event is not affected by the last launch time of the affected application.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Thanks for posting! We have messaged the appropriate team for further investigation and will let you know once we receive an update.

Hello, Emma!

We really appreciate your assistance as we were already in limbo and in need of help.
We are hoping that good information will be brought to us at the earliest opportunity.

Thank you.

Hi, there!

We will share what today’s verification revealed.

・This event does not occur when the tablet’s WiFi is disconnected, even if it is time for the event to reappear.
However, when the tablet’s WiFi is reconnected and connected to the Internet, the event will be reproduced in a few tens of seconds.

That’s all.

We have been plagued by this mysterious event for almost two weeks now.
We hope that this event can be avoided as soon as possible and that our 100+ tablet devices will be restored to normal.

Thank you.

It is incredibly hot here today!

Is the glitch event we posted not reproduced on your devices? If so, this issue may only occur on Fire tablets operating in Japan.

It has been 17 days since we discovered this glitch event, and we have not been able to prevent the unexpected and violent deletion of microphone privileges once a day.
We have been looking for a workaround every day, but have found no workaround at all.
If anyone knows of a workaround, even a temporary one, please let us know.

If this continues we will lose customers who are utilizing over 100 Fire terminals.
Please help us.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Tamura,

Could you please share below information with us:

  • DSN of the device
  • App and the App version with which this issue occurs

Can you please also try to reset the device and see if the issue persists?

Hi, Emma!

Thanks for the question.

・DSN of the device

Is four enough?


I’m sorry, but it’s an event that happens on more than 100 Fire7s.

・App and the App version with which this issue occurs

Microsoft Skype


Many other third-party apps that use microphone privileges reproduce the event.
However, the event does not occur with the standard applications (e.g., camera) on the Fire7 tablet.

It only occurs once a day, but I believe it can be reproduced on your Fire7 with a little experimentation.
If you want to control the time of day when it occurs, simply restart the Fire7.
The next day after the restart, the event will reproduce around the time of the restart.

We are hopeful that we will be able to make progress in understanding the cause of the problem.

Thank you.

Thanks for providing the information. I have passed the information to the internal team for further investigation. We will update you once we hear back from them.

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We are still experiencing the problem.
How can we avoid this failure event?

Is the fault event not reproduced by the team in charge at Amazon?
Or is this issue so troublesome that the priority of the measure has been lowered?
We would like a view from the team in charge at Amazon.

Thank you.

Still missing information provided by us?
If this seems to be missing, please contact me to let me know what information you need.
We look forward to hearing from you.